Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seamed Stockings

Mr. Simpson was a stickler for the dress code, so for tenth time that morning, he checked the seams on my stockings to make sure they were still straight.

I suppose he didn't want a repeat of yesterday, when his seams were not properly adjusted, and he found himself immediately pulled over Mr. Simpson's lap, his skirt raised, for a spanking.


  1. Can't wait to get my first seamed Stockings... will have to earn them, and then learn to wear them... they look so great...

  2. I wear lovely sheer seamed stockings when I want to look my most spankable. Seams are practically a tacit signal that I long to be pulled over my mistresses knee tonight, feel my silk skirt raised, my sheer panties lowered, and my bottom properly warmed among lots of unseemly (no pun!) kicking, crying, and pleading.

  3. There's something very sensation based about being in stockings and yes I love a OTK spanking