Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The odds that your sissy will suck cock triple if you do it together. Just saying.

Source | Glamour Bound

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  1. I remember a night in September. We had known each other and lived together for a year and a half, and been married for about six months. Even before we were married Irma easily femdom'd me and started having sex with bigger young men. She invited two of her favorites to our wedding, but that is another tale.

    Her pillowtalk glovejobs made up a lot of my femdom training. At first disguised as jacking me off and talking about my most embarrassing sexual fantasy, she learned from my own lips how to dominate me.

    She started making me wear seamed stockings to bed at night with her. A garterbelt of course, panties and a bra. She played my body like a saxophone and a standup bass. She was magnificent with her gloved palms and wet red lips... and her stories murmured in my ear. She played me to just a note below utter gushing orgasms, whispering to me about watching her suck off other men.

    Ooohhhhh. Wearing her lingerie getting a loving glovejob and etremely erotic love stories was all I ever wanted to to again. She kept me surfing my climax for hours that night.

    She already decided that she was going to start having sex with lots of bigger, harder young men, it was that she really did want me in. For several weeks she dressed me up in lingerie and high heels, long black gloves and lipstick. Giving me the most dreamy kisses and stroking my cock with oil, she said she wanted me to watch her suck Ted's cock tonight on our couch. She had met Ted at her club, the night she forced me to dress like a tramp and go there with her. I had to shave completely and pass at this club she liked in town.

    He bought all three of us drinks and started slowly having sex with my wife, there in our booth. Oh they talked, and shared likes and art, but their hands touched the whole time. She would turn her face so that her lips were right by his if he wanted a big wet red kiss. They began kissing often.

    She asked him if she could touch his muscle, then fondled his growing erection through his pants, at first. Holding my eyes in her will, she rescued his boner from diving down his pant leg (quite a ways down his pant leg it would have been) just in time. She pulled and wriggled his boner up to just under his fly, then unzipped him.

    He and I were both breathless, I don't know who was more turned on. I think me. Her wicked, wicked long black gloves reached into his fly and rubbed him up and down his shaft and swollen glans. "Get down with me here sweetheart. I'm gonna show you in detail how I want you to suck cock. Watch me first, then I will watch you give him an orgasm with your lips and tongue. OK, precious?"