Friday, August 24, 2012

What's the hardest, most difficult, but wonderful thing in the world?

The nights Emily and I go to bed wearing the prettiest, sexiest lingerie and cuddle and make out and I slide her panties off, and she whispers, so softly, "remember, you're not going inside me, tonight."

It's going to be one of those kind of nights, tonight.

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  1. Wonderful Saragirl. I would change my homepage to your blog in place of Yahoo if I could. I look at these visions of my sexuality expressed in the gorgeous pictures you provide. I can slow down time and be at peace.

    The vision of bliss in this one is so close to my heart. Dressing me and having sex with other men was how we both had orgasms, lots of orgasms. My darling wife mixed gloved sex with me during the week, leading to her bedroom date that weekend. Sometimes for the whole weekend. When she came home at 3:30 AM she finished me off several times telling me about how she had given her lover orgasms. Each sucking and stroking detail of his hips jerking and his cum jetting over them both.

    Over the years I got to watch her in our living room with young men on our couch and in our bed. Her condition was that I be wearing suggestive lingerie and high heels. She would do my make up. I got to watch and to give some of her men long slow blowjobs. She always told any guy she was having sex with that I would put on lipstick and suck them for hours if they would let me. Lots of men said yes.

    Thank you for your clever eye and your tireless efforts.