Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Bound and blindfolded, sissy hears the sound of the zipper, and moans, knowing today she becomes a woman.


  1. ...But knows she can't miss her date with destiny.

  2. You want to be that sissy, right Sara? Particularly with those lovely breasts. I remember your fantasy a while back, where Emily blindfolds you and brings in numerous men........ and accordingly you provide service to them...yet out in the real world after, you will never know which men in your life you were a good sissy to.
    Love ya

  3. I remember the night I became a woman. I came almost as much as he did!

  4. I will never forget the night I became a girl! He/shewas a tall good looking TV, told me to strip nude, then walked up and put his tongue in my mouth, and my hand on his penis, it made me instantly hard! He laid me on the bed, sat across my chest and started jerking his meat, and put it in my mouth... when I got the first taste of honey I knew I was going for the full load... soon there was sperm in my mouth, my eyes, and running down my cheeks... and I've been doing it like a good little sissy ever since


  5. Oh, Sara. Thank for the wonderfull caption. It is perfect, makes my boi pussy quiver.

  6. I love when I'm blindfolded and I have no idea who's cock is in my mouth.

    Alice, the cocksucking sissy.