Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Caught by your mother-in-law, wearing her panties, your first instinct is to run, to hide, to try to explain, but she freezes you with one word. "STOP!"

What you don't know, what you can't know, is that she's been waiting for this day for months, that she's known since the day your wife introduced you to her that you were a sissy, and that she's bided her time, waiting, waiting to catch you.

And now that she has, your life is NEVER going to be the same.


  1. Carol, told ME All about your crossdressing!!! Now I don't find it very fitting with Her SISSY husband masturbating & cumming in MY PANTIES!!! " What will Carol do with you when SHE find's OUT!!! Please, Please "Jean" don't tell Carol, I will do anything You want , "" ANYTHING "" YES Please!!! You most likely day dream of BLOWING My daughter's BOYFRIENDS don't YOU!!! YES I do, Blushing in humiliation!!! ARE You A LITTLE FAGGOT COCKSUCKER ??? Please "Jean" what do You want from me ??? I want you to tell my daughter "Carol" that you would like to BLOW Her boyfriend David while wearing MY Panties, with this humiliating pressure from Carol's Mother "Jean" I wet HER PANTIES with SISSY cream !!! I take that as a YES Sissy !!! You will be BLOWING all of My daughter's Boyfriend's when I GET done with YOU !!!

  2. Now I'am blowing all of my Wife's boyfriend's for my Mother-law Jean !!!! And My Wife Carol still has not found Out !!! Jean HAS made a deal, with HER daughter's boyfriends to all show up when I least expect it, what's a sissy to do ?