Thursday, September 13, 2012


"I can't take it," my wife said holding her head, "I leave you unsupervised for half an hour, with a list of chores to do, and instead of doing as you're told, YOU JERK OFF!"

"I...I said I was sorry," I mumbled ashamed of what I did, ashamed I got caught.

"This is my fault," she said squeezing her temples.

"Your fault?"

"I should have listened to my mother, she told me you'd never be able to stop."

"I tried," I said, honestly.

"I know, I told you, this is my fault."

"It's not," I said, practically begging her not to blame herself. "Listen, I...I'll try harder, I mean..."

"No, you can't stop it, that's the thing, that's what she told me, no sissy can, that's why she said...she was right, I just need to do it."

"Do what," I asked warily.

"Put you in a chastity cage."

"No," I said without even thinking, backing up. "Please, I promise..." The look on her face stopped me, I realized begging her would do no good, that her mind was made up, there was no changing it.

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