Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inverse Relationship

The longer you keep him in chastity, the faster he cum when you release him and the more frustrating his ruined orgasm is. Done correctly, you might not even need to touch him.

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  1. ohhhhh. My heart started pounding when I came to this picture of my wife giving me premature ejaculations by describing for me all of the ways she made her bedroom date cum in the backseat of her car tonight.

    She said to me "His cock is bigger than yours, baby." She gave me her loving femdom smile. "mmmn, oh sweetheart, he gives me orgasms much deeper than you ever could."

    I gasp as hot rushes of sexual pleasure course through my penis and stomach, even my thighs and my anus feel the rising warmth of eroticism in her spoken memories of sex that night with another man. She was going to sit on my face now to be cleaned of his cum and her cum for she had climaxed repeatedly.

    Even without reaching down to stroke my cock with oil, she could give me gushing release by her stories of sex with bigger young men. This was the place where the full sexual drive of my hotwife powered my bi-sexual, cross dressing cuckold desires. I creamed when she told me she put her gloves on in the club before she took him out to her love nest backseat.

    She looked at me with femdom contept and shook her head. "Can't hold it at all, baby. Look, now you're soft again and I will be rubbing my pussy over your lips for hours more. I'm not clean yet and I have sooo much more to tell you about how hot he made me, OK baby?" Her hips rolled her pussy lips up and down over my face, my cheeks, lips and tongue.

    I adored her pussy like a slave and prayed she did not ever want me to stop. I drank in the reward of her releases each time. She was on top and she rode each climax out on top so that she could start another. To rest her clitty I inserted my fingers into her vagina and found her G spot. The back of my hand was on my slippery chin so that her rocking off on my fingers pushed her love tunnel over my face with each humping of her hips. This I found gave her yet another wavelength of cunnilingus orgasms she could writh to. My sinces hovered over my body and saw dreams coming true for me.

    "I told him that you would put on lipstick and suck his cock if he wanted me to." Her easy look of domination over me made my knees like jelly.

    "Of course, precious. Please, I will suck him for hours if you will let me." This was the response she had femdomed me to over the years of our cuckold love. We could both give men blowjobs, but only she could select which cock I sucked.