Sunday, September 9, 2012


I love the NFL and will be watching the games today wearing my favorite jersey. Of course, because I'm a sissy it will be a tight fitting jersey worn over a bra with breast forms and cute little coordinating hot pants over pantyhose (after carefully tucking, of course).

I'll be dreaming I'm an NFL cheerleader all day!


  1. Sigh... lovely! I hope you have those short-shorts, too! :)

  2. Sara! Sara! Sara! That is precisely what I'm doing! My favorite team is the Washington Redskins!

    Hugs & kisses,


  3. And one more thing I love about NFL cheerleaders - even the ones who profess to be good girls in their bios, look so slutty when they prance around in their sexy uniforms.

  4. Oh Sara, you paint a beutifull picture. You sound so sexy looking. Makes me want to get into your panties. Love the picture, she is so perfect almost in a sissy sort of way.

  5. That's hot! i love my little cheer shorts too. my football attire consists of a oversized Broncos jersey and orange panties. i've always loved when girls wear a big shirt that gives the illusion that they aren't wearing anything else.