Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm working on a short story (along the lines of The Photo Shoot) called Her New Husband.

What's a short story? Well, for comparison, The Photo Shoot was 11,000 words while A Change in Our Marriage was 106,000.

Her New Husband will come in near or just under 20,000 (it is currently 12,000). But that's just an estimate.

What's is about, you ask? Well, a married woman decides to hire a male escort from a service called Rent A Husband to experience some sex and romance from a man. As you might surmise, she's not getting that at home with her legal husband (perhaps because he's much more interested in being her girlfriend than her husband.)

Just as a tease, here's the working cover to the book:


  1. I am holding my breath in anticipation of this new story!

  2. And when might we hear the story of your wedding? You talked about writing something before the event buy we have seen nothing since. Your readers are eager to hear about your adventure.

  3. May I say "about damn time", lol. No, seriously. Can't wait!

  4. Loved you other book especially "A Change in Our Marriage" and "The Exam"

  5. I am just finishing the Sissy Pilot, can't wait for new story. Keep going back to visit sweet old Dr Nelson in Change in our Marriage. Keep up the good work sweete!

  6. Random question:
    Do you have to get permission from the owners of the photos to use them as your book cover -- since you're making money off of them?


  7. Waiting forward...

  8. A interesting topic, a married woman enjoying what a male escort has to offer, being in charge, having her way, and her sissy hubby forced to allow it...

    Nevertheless, most women in a similar situation would be able to seduce the right real man...