Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good News/Bad News

The good news? She's doing to unlock the cage and let you squirt on her stocking covered feet.

The bad news? You're going to lick up every single drop.*

* Why is that bad news? Because the fantasy of cleaning up your own cum is much different than the reality. The fantasy, before you cum, when you libido is high, sounds wonderful. But after, when you squirt, when your libido crashes? Well, that's when you do it because you were told to, not because you want to.


  1. Very well put Sara, the idea and the reality can be quite different but it is important to always lick up any mess one is allowed to make...even if it does taste a little 'yucky' when cold.


  2. Sara,

    I have no problem licking it up after the fact. For me, that is what makes it hot. The fantasy is over, now it is time to prove to her that you really will do anything to please her.

    Alice, the cocksucking sissy.