Friday, October 26, 2012


Some women have trouble achieving orgasm, for others, the mere feel of a man's strong hand between her legs is enough to leave her quivering in ecstasy. Even through clothes.

Your wife is one of these women. No wonder she loves her new job.

The uniform-pantyhose, tight shorts, and a tight top-are enough that her customers can't actually fuck her. But the nylon layers between her pussy and the hands of her customers do nothing to inhibit her sexual pleasure. If anything, they enhance it.

You know this, you know that every night she goes to work she'll be fondled and groped, just a bit, just enough to make her wet, just enough to make her legs shake, just enough to bring her to orgasm after orgasm, night after night.


  1. This picture brings back so many great memories. I went to live with my aunt and cousin when I was 11 to attend private school. Everyone knew I was going to be tall and play basketball because my mom was 6'3" and my Dad was 6'10". They were both college athletes. My aunt was tiny. She was my Mom's sister but my mom was adopted as a baby. My cousin was about 8 or 9 years older than me but so tiny too. She worked at hooters and her and my aunt always walked around in pantyhose and usually without heels or shoes on around the house. I blame them for my pantyhose fetish.

    My aunt's husband had died a few years earlier and they were still recovering from that loss. It seemed like they loved having a boy even around to fill some of that void. They both spoiled me all the time. They would make me huge amounts of food which I loved because I was growing so fast. They would also be very affectionate to me. They made me feel like the man of the house.

    I lived there for 4 years until I went to play basketball at a private high school. I'll never forget my times there. The first year I had just turned 11 and was already 5'7". They were both well under 5 feet tall. They made such a big deal about how much taller I was than them. It was great to feel tall. My Mom and Dad were so tall when I left home that I always felt small till that year. My aunt always wore tall heels outside the house but always took them off in the house. I was a head taller than both of them when I moved in at 11. That was just the beginning.

  2. I started growing like crazy that year. One afternoon I was eating after school and my cousin came in getting ready for work at hooters. She was getting something to drink and I loved the view of her stretching up on her very tip toes in pantyhose feet trying to reach a cup. she laughed and said "hey, can you help me. I know you can reach it". As I stood up and got the cup for her I gave it to her and thought I must be standing on something. She looked so much smaller for some reason. She was looking up to me in amazement. What a turn on as I looked way down to her with a perfect view of her blonde head, beautiful face, boobs and tiny pantyhose feet. She said "oh my word, you look like a foot taller than before?!! She was like around my chest level. She took me over to the wall as she climbed up on a chair and measured me. I was 6'1". The next evening her and my aunt were both home and they had fun measuring how small they were to me.

    The next few years were great as I grew to over 7 feet tall and towered over these little beauties. I would pick them up for hugs and they loved it. I hated to leave but basketball was a big deal for me so I had to. Great memories.