Friday, October 26, 2012


Things a sissy will hear from your wife/girlfriend/lover and what she really means.

She says: "Honey, you know I don't like to give blow jobs."

She means: "I love sucking cock, I don't like sucking your little sissy clit."

She says: "Sweetie, I'm really not in the mood tonight."

She means: "I'm really, really in the mood and wish there was a man around to fuck me."

She says: "It's just dinner with a client."

She means: "It's a romantic dinner with a guy I want to fuck."

She says: "I'm going out with some of the girls tonight."

She means: "We're going to fuck like sailors on shore leave."

She says: "Of course there won't be strippers at my bachelorette party."

She means: "Hell yes there will be strippers."

She says: "I love you completely."

She means: "I love you completely, sissy."

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