Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cruel Irony

It's a cruel irony of a cuckold's life, that the better he is at this, the more often she'll want sexual intimacy with him, and the less likely she'll want to feel his little dick inside her.

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  1. I lived for those times my wife would let me adore her delicious pussy lips. She always wore stockings, even as a girl. The slinky, slippery long black satin gloves were for me.

    Without really even thinking it out, I relinquished my control to her when she put on the gloves she caught me wearing and masturbating with one night. Watching unseen from the dark living room into my bedroom this night, she saw me pulling up my long, long gloves first, then get completely dressed in my cock slut favorite pieces, high heels and lipstick.

    I wasn't in a hurry when I dressed and masturbated. I carefully slid my stockings up over the smooth skin of my inner thighs, looking at myself in the mirror while I fasten the suspenders from my girdle to the welt of my shear red seamed stockings. I did this easily, three garters on each nylon to stay up even during vigorous sex.

    My gloves make everything I do to dress like this so much more sin-suous for me. I put my high heels on next, then step to the full length mirror and stand close to paint my eyelids and my lips. I was pushing my panties out in front doing these things and wishing that my new girlfriend (later my wife), would dress me like this and femdom me. If she would let me I would give her cunnilingus orgasms for hours.

    She would wake me in the night by sitting over my face and rubbing herself off to a midnight delight. I circled my face over the oiled slippery lips of her hungry vagina when she took over and let her dominating clitoris guide me to her multiple demands. Gushing orgasms, loud and wiggly, more delicate bridging orgasms like blissful shudders leading before long to another freefall of sexual domination, her cunt working over my head, face, mouth and lips. Almost smothering in her hunger to milk my mouth for more orgasms. Sometimes for hours and always more than one feast of ohhhhs per night. When she was rested it was go time, sometimes bullying me to lay down on my back and let my face be her sex saddle for the night.

    post too long, I was swept away.