Thursday, November 22, 2012

Date Night

What was your first clue that your wife wasn't having just a normal dinner with a new client?

The lingerie she wore?

When she told you not to wait up?

The limo he sent for?

Or the musky taste and smell of her pussy as she hovered over your face when she woke you up when she got home?


  1. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. I wish she was still my wife and that she continue to love bigger cocks and younger men. She used fantasy sex and glovejobs on me to learn what my most urgent kinky desires were. Over the months that we met and had sex, she had caught me dressed one night when I thought she would not arrive until the wee hours. I was so turned on in my satin panties and gloves that I did not notice her standing in the doorway of my bedroom watching me masturbate. My stiletto heels, a garterbelt and seamed stockings caress my sex nerves all over my skin, my slippery palms rub my boner slowly so I can feel this way in my lingerie longer.

    She told me she watched me for an hour or more with my vibrating prostate massasger bringing me to louder and wigglier climaxes each time I thought of what my wife was doing to give other men orgasms and doing it right now on her most recent bedroom date. She often does not get home until 3:30 AM when she is getting all of the sex she wants, sometimes the next day. I had watched her getting dressed and vamping in her bedroom salon, bringing her things and pouring her wine and mine.

    "What will you be doing at home tonight while I'm in bed with Seth, sweetheart? I know the things you think about when I'm "cheating", don't I, tramp?"

    "Of course you do, precious. Completely. Since the night you found me wearing cock sucking tramp lingerie and heard me groan out my kinky femdom fantasies while you watched me. My self administered handjob truthometer could leave no doubt about what turned me on most; putting on lipstick and sucking cocks until they gush. I outed myself beyond denying that night in gloves and moaning aloud my fondest wish to dress like this and suck boners, lots of boners. I wanted to slip on my gloves with a man and stroke his cock with my slutty satin palms. Those are the things I imagine you doing to your dates when I dress and wait for you to come home, precious. You are so generous to me."

    She sat at her vanity applying kohl black to her lids, crimson red lipstick to her delicious lips. I stood behind her looking into her eyes and dreamy face smiling back at me in the vanities mirror.

    "I'm going to wear the stockings you bought for me on our anniversary, baby. Brand new because I have been saving them for my next hot bedroom date with another man. You like me to jack my men off onto the tops of my stockings, sweety, because I've seen you have premature ejaculations when I'm doing that, several times. It is no effort to femdom you, mary. You arrived so ready to be my charming and adoring sex slave, I like that in my femdoms."


    ps, wish I was not only able to send as Anonymous. I signed up and have tried options. I am so glad you people are here.