Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Catch

The first time a man cums in your sissy husband's mouth, it's doubtful your sissy will be able to swallow it all. So, catch the rest in a glass so sissy can finish it, driving home the lesson that sissy sluts do not waste a single drop of cum.


  1. Hi Sara! Check out my counterpoint to "Good Catch" I hope you don't mind me playing off of two excellent posts you put up today!

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Ohh...I'm licking my lips. Such a lovely load of man juice

  3. If only I could trade places with her.

  4. Luckily i've been a successful swallower of Manly cum for years. Now i find myself wanting to wear it all over my face. i'd still eat it, but something about my face painted with cum really turns me on, it could be like a trophy.... for all of us.