Wednesday, November 21, 2012


An anal plug is nice to warm a sissy up, it takes a dildo to really teach her how to cum like a girl.


  1. Has Emily ever used a strap on on you my dear?
    Has she trained you with butt plugs?

  2. yes she is; that creamy, full feeling pleasure a cock gives a sissy. I was whiddled by life to be femdomed. A charmed sex slave to sexually aggressive women or femmes who want a sex toy. I write a lot about the whiddling these days. Sara knocked my socks off with her erotic sexual heaven tales of man/boys wearing high heels and lingerie. I never wanted Room and Board to be over. I could not wait to get home after work, to get out of my man clothes and put on my lipstick, my lingerie and long black satin gloves. I nested on my queen size bed and opened up my Kindle to the next chapter. Sarah teases and pleases with her patient and lilting pace of femdomnation, pulling the poor guy into mistresse's service by his own naughty urges. Delicious.
    Merry Thanksgiving to all. Mr Fish, I have a mostly finished response from another of Saragirls slinky hot pics you had commented on. I'll send soon.