Monday, November 5, 2012

Was I nervous the first time I went out dressed as a woman?

Yes, but I looked really, really good.


  1. Is she really you????
    Anyway, your blog is simply great!!!
    Never stop it!

  2. You must have attracted lots of attention; not because the understood that you’re a sissy but because you look so frigging good!

  3. Hmmmmm, Amy Childs!

  4. Yes! I felt that. But we are gorgeous!

    we don't care. we make our bodies look desires!

  5. I wish I could look like her...I'd be on cloud nine.

  6. My breasts are quite real so Mistress makes a point of allowing them to show as much as is legal, see through blouses, no bra or shelf bra, etc.!! I have beautiful long curls also but my facial features are still a little too masculine to completely pass, so I get a lot of looks from my breasts to my face and back again. No doubt really confusing to a real man, but a lot of women get a knowing smile on their face and kind of give my Mistress a sign of approval. Though humiliating, I also get a thrill from it, knowing other strong women are aware I am a sissy slave.....