Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card

Paul's boss walked into Paul's office, shut the door; Paul knew whatever it was, it was serious.

"Mr. Williams?"

"Um, Paul, I got, um, the Christmas card, and..."

"You liked it," Paul asked hopefully. He had been trying to butter up to Mr. Williams for some time, hoping for a promotion, more responsibility.

"Well, it was...different."

"I have to admit, it was Mary's idea and she arranged the picture and everything, but it's from both of us. I have to admit I was reluctant at first, even a bit scared, but she said she's been bored lately and wanted to try something to spice up our know things get." Paul was thinking of how terrified he had been, skydiving out of an airplane, and maybe it was kind of showoff-ish to use that on their Christmas Card, but it was cool.

"Um, yea," Mr. Williams said, mouth dry. "You guys are serious then, you meant it?"

"Of course, Mr. Williams," Paul said, "totally." Paul wondered, what was the big deal about wishing someone the best Christmas ever.

"You're seriously okay with it."

"Like I said, at first, no, but Mary was right, we needed to do something to mix things."

"I...I've always liked her..."

"What's not to like, she's a beautiful woman."

"Well okay then, I mean, who am I to argue with that," Mr. Williams smiled as he turned to leave the office. "You know Paul, we need to talk about that opening..."


Paul thought something was strange about the conversation, forgot about it until dinner, when he mentioned to Mary Mr. Williams thanked him for the card she sent.

"That's nice of him," Mary said, "you sure he liked it."

"Yea, he was a little strange, he asked me if we really meant it, I mean, it's just Merry Christmas. He did say he and I should talk about the promotion, especially if..."

"If what?"

"I don't know, that was the strangest part, if you really meant it. Merry Christmas? That's all it takes to get a promotion, a Merry Christmas from my wife?"

Mary set her fork down. "Oh my god."


Mary stood, went to her study, returned ashen faced. "Paul."


"Paul, he...he didn't get the skydiving Christmas card."

"What do you mean?"

"He...he got something I...I had made for you."

She handed Paul the card she had made for her husband, not her husband's boss.

"Fuck, Mary."

"Paul, I..."

"I mean, fuck he...he thinks...he thinks you want to..."

"Paul," she said softly.

"Mary, he all but offered me the promotion because he thought you were offering to...what are we going to to, Mary?"

Mary bit her lip, looked at her husband strangely. "Well he is kind of cute," Mary said.


"And we could use the money."


"And it would sure spice things up..."

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