Monday, December 17, 2012

I think the happiest marriages are ones where a husband and a wife have open, honest communication about their sexual needs...

If the photographer pulled back, I imagine seeing her husband in the room, wearing an apron, their eighteen month old baby on his hip, watching his wife get dressed for a night out. 

He knows now she won't be going out with friends, they discarded that lie months ago, he knows she has a date with a slightly older man, one who is sauve, confident, mature, and masculine in every sense of the word.

He knows, too, that her date isn't just dinner and a show, that things are much more intimate than that, he knows she wants him, not emotionally like she does her husband, but physically.

So he shifts the baby on his hip and asks her if there is anything she can do before she leaves, that dinner is almost ready for him and their child.

"No, not now" she says, smiling at her loving husband and their lovely child, "but after you put her to bed," she says looking down at the bra and the lingerie on the bed.

His face turns red, he says nothing, but they both know when she gets home, assuming the baby is asleep, he'll be waiting for her in bed, wearing lingerie, waiting for her to come to their bedroom, waiting to undress her and pamper her and lovingly lick her for hours and hours.

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