Monday, December 17, 2012

It's hardly graphic, but whenever I see this picture I think of the first time I knew why she tasted different and how hot that got me.


  1. It's funny she knew that I knew that there was something else inside her, yet we didn't say anything. She did comment that I seemed to enjoy myself more than normal. She was right. I was licking cum out of my wife's pussy. My cum has never been in my wife's pussy. My cock has never been in my wife's pussy. I did wonder if the cum was from a cock that she had watched me suck.

    Alice the cocksucking sissy.

  2. She whispered 1 guy came twice and another guy came 3 times, but i swallowed 1 load, so their is four in their for you... as she bites her bottom lip feeling his warm breath and his tong enters her