Friday, December 21, 2012

The Making Of A Cuckold

"Ohhhh, sweetie, you didn't even make it to thirty seconds this time, I guess it's another month in the cage."

He was frustrated, had been trying for six months now to learn to control his premature ejaculation, to learn to last for five minutes, the time she told him was necessary to fuck her again. But every month when she unlocked him, he would cum quicker and quicker.

"It isn't working, Melinda," he said, frustrated.

"You need to focus more, the whole idea of the chastity cage is to take your mind off sex."

"I try, Melinda," he said. The reality was the cage didn't take his mind off sex, it made him think of it all the time, every day, so when she finally released him, he was so excited, he couldn't last a minute any more.

Melinda reached for the cage, ready to lock him again. "I know you do, love, I know."

She knew something else, too. As long as he wore the cage he would NEVER improve his stamina. Never. Never last. Never. Never fuck her again. Never.

"Sweetie," she said, clicking the lock shut, "it want to talk again what we talked about last month, you know, that book I got on cuckolding."

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