Thursday, January 24, 2013

A sissy never forgets her first time, I know I never will.


  1. With a cock that big, it seems like a wonderful first time

  2. No You Don't or The First Time A Man Makes You CUM ~ Orgasm or The First Time A Man CUMS in Your Mouth!!

  3. Really Sara? You've been "taken" by a real man?

    I don't remember reading that account dear.....

  4. Maybe Sara hasn't, but I have! How about the first time you swallowed his cum and liked it!

    Alice the cocksucking sissy.

  5. I know that I'll never forget. Un-beknownst to me my sister had a black guy assult me when I was over at at her apartment one day. I was there to put up some pictures while she was out shopping. I was busidly doing my work when the bell sounded at the door. I looked through the peep hole and I thought that it was the mantinence man. When I opened the door he suddenly pushed me backwards. But, he caught me before I felled down. He clamped his huge black hand over my mouth, slammed the door behind us, locked it & told me not to make a sound. He pushed me into my sister's bedroom, then while he had his one hand still over my mouth he used his other hand to rip my blouse, bra & skirt off. My breasts popped into his view & he soon had his mouth sucking onto my hardening nipples. I was struggling trying to get this lout off of me when he finally back-handed me across the mouth. He told me to be good, or else. He was a huge black guy, with steeled eyes peering deep within my very soul. I knew better then to struggle, then. So, in order to preserve myself I relented. He forced me onto the bed & then tore my panties off.
    "Hmmm, she was right!!", I remember him saying. I wondered "WHO" was right. He pushed me down forward onto the bed, my wide spread knees were on the floor & my upper body was on the bed. I heard him taking off his clothes. I felt him feet against my legs on the floor, his knees now touching mine. I heard him spitting & felt it land between my ass cheeks & run down between the two of them. Then I felt, what felt like a hot thick pole of flesh move in between my ass cheeks. I heard him spit again and felt it splash against my cheeks again. Suddenly I felt those bear like paws of his take a firm grab onto my hips. I felt that pole of hot flesh finally meet up against my sissy pussy. When that happened he wasted no time at all by forcing himself into me.
    Ohhhh, God, it felt huge. Bigger than any rubber cock that I have in my collection, I thought. He, stretched me wide open & pushed in further & further. Not stopping until he had the full length of his cock burried deeply within my sucking sissy pussy hole. Hmmmmmmm, I don't know why but, I was suddenly enjoying this & I now slowly ground my ass back against him.
    "I'll be damn! your sister was right, your a hot little number & you need a real cock in you!!" He said to me.
    Well that little, bitch. I thought as I smiled to myself. This was a wonderful present to give me for my 16th birthday, I smiled.
    I don't know how many times I orgasmed that day. Or how many times that I caught a hot load of cum in my sissy pussy or my mouth, either. But, I do know this he was still busy fucking my sissy pussy when my sister finally walked into the room & took a picture of me getting my brains fucked loose.
    I wondered what the girl at the photo counter thought, when my sister went there to get the photo blown up. I bet there were some hot words said then.
    To this day, my sister has that picture of me getting laid by Jack up on the wall in her livingroom for all the world to see of me comming of age.

  6. This is true...I would never forget my fist time when my cousin took my virginity and made me crave for his cock... I would remeber him as the man who made me woman even thoygh since them I have been with so many men, on hormones and have many experiences. Thanks cous for opening new horizons in my life. I am SISSY and I love every minute of it. Kisses EvA