Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Behind

One could argue sex like this is impersonal, more sex, less love making. Animalistic. Base. A man taking a woman like a lion takes a lioness. And it is, I agree. It's sex. It's fucking. He isn't making love to her, he's fucking her. There's no tenderness, no sweet kisses, no longing looks into the eyes of your lover.

It's bending her over and fucking her. Hard. Very hard.

It's also the farthest thing from the way I like to make love to Emily.

So why is the image so powerful?

Because that's what I imagine him doing to her. Evan doesn't love her, he wants to fuck her.

Emily doesn't want sweet kisses from him, she wants his cock buried deep inside her.

It captures the desires, I think, all three of us have.


  1. Dear Sara,

    And what is your desire? To watch her get fucked? To participate during the fucking? Or to clean her up afterwards?