Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I love the excitement on his face, the joy he gets as she strokes him, tells him all about her date with her lover.

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  1. Bull's Eye, oh my god you have a picture of my vision of heaven. Ohhhh, she would have wild sex with other men when we dated, when we were engaged and for 23 years of marraige. Look what a woman can do to draw out our confessions of sexual pleasures.

    The first time she touched my cock and asked me what my most embarrassing fantasy was, I was toast. I had too many welled up from the time my sluty auntie made me wear her gloves and panties to when my wife caught me wearing my, up to now hidden, lingerie while she was out fucking Steve. Mine would tease me to orgasms by telling me how much she wanted to have sex with a bigger man as she jacked me off. I was putty when she was sliding her palms up and down over my swollen mushroom.
    "I let Steve lick my pussy tonight, darling. That's what you like me to do, right honey? I got him in the mood to give me multiple cunnilingus orgasms tonight by painting my lips crimson red and sucking his cock first."
    My knee buckles me into a bowing position when she comes my way. Like a flinch to obey her desires.
    She said I was the easest femdom she had ever trained. Like a baby to bathwater, I put on panties, and high heels to feel the magic of orgasms. I liked lipstick, I loved garter belts and stockings, but most of all were her shoulder length, satin or leather, tight black gloves. I can't resist her sexual pleasures.

    I know when I help her have sex with the man she wants, my reward will be seeing her lips sink down over a bigger cock, her dancing eyes laughing at me. Because I always lick her clean and adore her, she is going to give me an explosive premature ejaculation in front of her bedroom date tonight. Loud urgent moans of sexual release from this vision of her sucking these other guys, overflowing pleasure in my anus and in my package as I gush into my panties... watching her have the big cock pleasure she really needs and is getting now from this man. I bring wine and vibrating strap-ons for those who want them.

    After milking him dry with her pussy lips and her crimson red ones, she looked up over his hip at me on the other side.

    "Do you put your lips on cocks and pussys, panty boy? I've watched you giving men blowjobs tonight. You love it, right?"
    It's true but I would be so embarrassed. I did not want my family or co-workers finding out. "Mmmmm, the femdom'd do not get to pick the ways of his humiliations, sweetheart. I'm going to take young men at parties with our friend and coworkers. In no time I'll have a reputation of putting out at parties with the younger men. That's what you want more than watching me jack men off, darling. You want the other men and woman to see that you adore me."