Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's all good

What she loves to do to him:

What he loves to do to her:

What I love to do to her, after:

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  1. What a perfect progression of events. She was so much younger than I was, hot, sexy and horny all of the time. She was for me, like dating Jessica Rabbit on Spanish Flies. She wore tight clothes and long, long satin gloves where ever we went and always in bed.
    In her short 20 years, at the time we met, a glovejob artist was produced. Gloves accented her long slender fingers, alluring to a man's eyes and extra delicious when she jacked men off.
    She carried 32" leather and satin gloves with her everywhere. The night we met I had watched her stroke her husband with black satin gloves inside his pants, then push her hand through the three button opening and use oil to give him a premature ejaculation for the rest of the party.
    "That way" she told me as she was finishing him off "you and I can have sex by ourselves." I could tell that he was in cuckold heaven as she milked his cock dry onto her satin gloves and talked to the man she was going to have sex with all night at the party.
    I am that cuckold writing now. She gushed me way too soon, with no mercy at this swinging party. She did suck his cock in the master bathroom and he did bend her knees back to her ears fucking her off to several loud orgasms, his and hers.
    I cleaned her for two more hours when she came in at 3:30 AM, non apologetic and full of his cum. She grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down over her puffy pussy lips, doing her keagles and pushing his cum onto my face. Usually she sat on my face for a while when she came home with other men's seed in her vagina.
    It was the best way for her to femdom me of course, pysically and mentally. I had come home from the party a little early after first watching her stroke him up to a grande erection and him make her wet with it. Her eyes turned to mine and held me, sexually dominated, my every desire was to see her give other men orgasms or sometimes better, to let me give her cunnilingus orgasms and taste it when she would come home just before dawn.