Thursday, January 10, 2013


"Now Mr. French, you know she said you're not allowed to go upstairs by yourself," said the co-ed my wife hired to come over when she was out of town for work.

"I...I think this is all foolish, I'm a grown man, there's no reason you need to be here," I snapped.

"Obviously your wife thinks differently, Mr. French, she hired me, there must be some reason."

"Well she's wrong, there's nothing, this is stupid."

"Is it? Mrs. French told me you kept sneaking into her laundry hamper..."

"What??? No, I...I'd never..."

"And that you'd masturbate into her dirty panties."


"Really? Because she showed me a pair and it looked an awful like a cum stain to me. Kind of like my boyfriends leave...except when they actually fuck me."

"Jessica! can't talk like that, I...I'm going to tell my wife, and..."

"And what, Mr. French? It's the truth...isn't it?"


"She told me she locked you up, too, just to be safe...that your naughty little penis is all locked up nice and tight. Is that a lie, too?" Jessica spread her legs, toyed with her hair.


"She said if I teased you that you're little penis would get swollen and sore but you wouldn't be able to do anything because she's got the key to the cage."

"Jessica, stop," I moaned, almost doubled over.

"Want to masturbate into my panties Mr. French? Oh, but you can't, can you, because Mrs. French was right. You are a dirty little masturbator and your little penis is all locked up where it can't do anything."

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