Monday, January 7, 2013


"Oh, you're home early!"

"I managed to get an earlier flight," I said, walking towards the stairs with my suitcases.

" can't go upstairs,"she said, biting her lip.'

"Why not," I asked, tired from a long trip.

"I...we...didn't expect you till tonight."

I looked at my wife, looked upstairs. It dawned on me she wasn't getting dressed for work, she was getting undressed. "He...he's here?" She nodded softly. She had been seeing him for a few months, a date every other week or so, but always somewhere else, never here, never in our house.

"We...we'll just be a few hours."

"He's here," I said. He was here, in our house, in our bedroom, in our bed. He was here and he, they, were going fuck...while I was in the house too.

She walked up to me, touched my face. "I'm sorry, I...I know, but we talked about this happening eventually. I...I can ask him to go, but I don't think you want that, do you?"

I swallowed, bit my lip, shook my head.

"Come up when he leaves then...I'll have something for you."

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