Saturday, January 12, 2013


Emily were sitting on the couch last night, reading, both drinking a glass of wine. She was still dressed from work, had worn a skirt and I could see the tops of her stockings, which was quite distracting. She knew what I was looking at, even shifted so her skirt rode higher up her leg, let me watch her for several minutes. Then she set her book down, looked at me with a serious look. “Can I talk to you about something.”

“Yes,” I said. She had that tone in her voice.

“Monday you said you’d call about that thing and you didn’t was very disrespectful.

I lowered my eyes, she was right. I said I would Monday, Tuesday, too.

“I know. You're right."

“The thing is, if you didn’t want to do it, if it wasn’t that important, you should have said something instead of promising to do it and not..”

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” I said. “I forgot...I’re right.”

She looked at me, nodded, but didn’t pick her book back up.

“Is there something else?”

Now she looked guilty instead of me. “Yes, actually, I...I...I wanted to talk to you about something else."

"What is it?"

"Well, I...I got a text the other day.”


"From Evan."

Evan! I actually hadn’t heard his name in awhile, but you all know who Evan is. “’s he doing?”

“He’s actually living in Florida now.”

Oddly, part of me felt relieved he was farther away from us, part of me was disappointed, though, too. “Oh,” I said, “what did he want?”

“Just to tell me he moved, get me his new address, all that, see if I had time to talk on the phone, catch up.”

“You going to call him?”

“We talked yesterday when I was driving.”


“Sometimes I don’t know take your reactions when I mention him.”

I looked at her. “Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about him, Emily,” I shot back, “I mean...I don’t even know what he, to you.”

“He was, I suppose is, a good friend.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, I suppose I do. But you’ve always seemed to want I wrong?”

By vague, she meant vague if she slept with him, vague if she screwed him since we’d gotten together, vague whether or not she actually cuckolded me with him. “I...”

“Do you want to know? Because I’ve always been under the impression you don’t. Either way.”

“I...I don’t know.”

“I know, which is why I’m vague.”

“What did he have to say,” I asked, thinking to change the subject, not succeeding given her answer.

“He...he wanted...

My eyes went wide, of course. “When,” I demanded.

“March, late March.”

“Florida,’d long?”

“Friday till Tuesday, five days, four nights.”

Four night. Four nights in Florida with Evan. Four nights he could seduce her, four nights he could tuck her into bed, four nights he could fuck her. Four nights.

“You want to go?”

She nodded. “I haven’t seen him for so long.”

“Four nights.”


“I...what do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Asking you, of course, I’d never...”

“To go or...”

“Both,” she looked down. “I’d like to see him, I don’t have know.”

“You want to?”

“I don’t mean just go down there, I mean...”

“I know what you mean. Yes, of course yes, he...he’s Evan.”

I looked at her. “Emily, I...”

“I never would, know that, unless you wanted me to.”

“How am I supposed to say no, Emily?”

“Easy, say no and I’ll tell him no.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“Sure it is. Tell me no. Tell me to stay home. Tell me to be a good wife. Tell me you don’t get turned on by it.”


“Tell me any of those things. Tell me you don’t think about it every day. Tell me you’re not swelling in the cage right now.”

“But Emily...I...I can’t...”

“I know.”

“Four nights?”

“Four nights, love. Four nights.”


  1. Sara,
    Anyone coming to your blog, looking at all those beautiful pictures and reading your arousing texts about cuckolding, must realize that ”No” was not really an option.
    Maybe a small part of you wanted to say no, but all the rest of you (not least the caged clitty) needed to accept Her wishes.

  2. It's so nice to hear about Evan once again. Frankly, it's about time that Evan is back in Emily's life. This upcuming (Freudian slip my dear) trip for Emily to visit Evan might be just what she needs to push her over the edge towards loving a REAL MAN full time.
    I'm sorry to say this my dear, because I do love you so much....... lately you've really been over the top concerning the chastity and sissy thing.
    I for one can't imagine how Emily would really want to be with you anymore..........
    This post was soooooooo welcome. Maybe you can snap to, and get back out there playing golf, and marathon running, and just being feminine for Emily, and giving up pushing her away with all of this cuckolding fantasies. Remember, it works for women who are no where in Emily's league of beauty, confidence , intelligence. I don't really want you to lose her, dear.

  3. Dear Sara,
    I was thinking very long about this post today.
    I really love your block and am quite envious when reading all your wonderful experiences.
    However, the lines of this post went through my mind over and over again and I had the feeling that something was just not right.
    When I read the answers of Emily, it seems to me that she would rather stayed with you than visiting Evan. She asked you so often to say no. I think she actually wanted to have you just one time a bit more possessive and tell her how much you want to have her around instead of being away. But instead of sensing what your princess begs you to do between the lines, you admit that your are swelling by the thought that she is with another man. Honestly (and I mean this in a very nice advice), I think this was a rather selfish thing of you to do and not what is expected by a submissive sissy. The wishes of your wife should come first.
    But maybe I am totally wrong as of course I cannot tell in which tone she was talking, which I really hope for you. Maybe she was really just teasing you. But when I just read the lines above, I can only say that this is not what one reads there.
    Don't make the biggest mistake of most submissives and try to make your mistress just fulfilling your own fantasies!
    Hugs, Natalie