Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We have ways of punishing sissies who cannot stop diddling their little clits.


  1. That looks like fun, I'm sure I would be masturbating more if that's possible.

  2. Yes Miss, Saddle me Miss, ride me Miss

  3. This is so delicious. I love it when the punishment for pleasure is to be completely femdomed by a beautiful sexually aggressive woman. She milked me so dry with her tight leather gloves as I rode in her cuckold saddle. She preferred sex with younger men with bigger cocks, so I was seduced to want this too. That's right, to prefer sex with younger men with bigger cocks. She teased me mercilessly about watching her lips go down over his boner while I look at them on my couch. Her eyes on my face, seeing the longing and beautiful hurt on my face when she makes her lovers cum. It is not possible to unsee the look in her eyes when her wet red lips suck her lovers to gushing orgasms. She would pay for sex if men were not crazy about her.

    This night she was femme'ing me to help her have long loud climaxes with her bedroom date. I was excited by now; femdomed and hungry to suck a real erection. She put me up on the dildo and slid my hole down over this much desired penetration. I lifted my high heels up to wriggle down over this toy as deeply as I could push down over it. Now my wife's voice is in my ear about how much fun we were going to have within our marraige. She having sex with who ever she wants, me helping her chat men up on AFF.

    I feel her gloves cup my balls and relish out loud on how much bigger Steve was and how excited it was in her black satin panties.

    "He'll be here in a couple of hours, baby. Do you want me to keep you straped onto my cuckold saddle until then so he can see you? I don't think we would have to reassure him about how obedient you are when he sees me jacking you off into your panties on my toy."

    We did play in the saddle latter after she had sex with him for three or four hours. Once when I tried to lean in and lick her pussy, she put her shoulder length black leather glove on my bra and told me, "Not tonight Red. I'm only going to have sex with Steve tonight. You can take pictures of us fucking for tonight, OK baby? For being such an adoring cuckold, sometime tonight I will jack him off with my slippery black satin palms and curled fingers onto the welt of my shear seamed stockings. You will take a hundred pictures of us tonight that will make you have premature orgasms when I show them to men I am flirting with. Get well lit pictures of his bigger boner pushing open my pussy lips. He fills me all of the way up, sweetheart. I love you and need you in my marraige, but I will never be able to stop having sex with hot young men like this. It is part of my package."

    I begged her, "Please, precious, never, please never change that part of who you are. I adore our sex life and our marraige. You know me, the open book kinky boy. Remember... I'm the one buying you corsets and high heels to have for sex with your other men. It makes me float in sensuous clouds, sometimes physically makes me cum untouched by either of us. Just my panties. I love giving blowjobs. I don't want to lose the chances to suck a man's fat mushroom, precious. I want you to have sex with bigger men, precious."

    her gloves were going up and down over my growing erection, faster and faster. My last words gasped out in time with my fountaining cum. I was on my back now, my thighs open wide and giving up any last chance to bring things back to normal.

    "I want you to have sex with bigger men, precious.", echoed in her ears and mine while she continued to milk my seed until my sac was empty.

    "I'm going to put you to your word tonight with Steve. You'll watch me suck and fuck him for hours and then I'll watch you. He may be on empty by then. You may have to fondle and kiss his soft cock for a couple of hours to get him in the gushing mood. He likes to have fingers in his bottom when you are giving him blowjogs, baby.

    Do you love this my femme cuckold? Do you really, because this is how it is going to be for us."


  4. Love the look of that saddle setup, I wonder if that actually exists somewhere, I might have to take up horse riding.