Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why is your wife in such demand as a personal trainer?

Might have something to do with the innovative workout routines she devised, especially for her male clients. Take her pushup routine:

Or her ab workout:

Or the way she has her clients work out their gluts and upper legs:

Or, that killer upper body workout (she has a friend help with this):


  1. umm... I don't know if I want to hire her as my personal trainer, or see if she needs an assistant!

  2. A goody sissy would be doing exactly what the "friend" is doing in the last photo. I good sissy would be helping to satisfy his wife by worshipping the cum filled balls of her lovers. She would also have her mouth ready just in case any cum dripped out of her wife, or if her wife wants a "clean up girl" (for either her or her lover; or both).

    A good sissy should always be on her knees for her Mistress, and her Mistress' lovers. Lastly when all is said and done, a good sissy would kiss her wife's feet and thank her for all she and her lover have provided.


  3. I would just be jealous of my wife and beg her to let me help her or take her place in the exercises .

  4. I would beg to be on my knees like the good friend in that last one... ALL day long!