Monday, February 25, 2013

Guys, want to know a dirty little secret? Sissies suck cock better than ANYONE.

Better than your girlfriend, better than your wife, better than the cute secretary down the hall.


  1. That Right!..I sure do!.... that is what I'm told

    1. steph that's eggslent. Always love to read stories with a happy ending .dee

  2. Because it is what we are born to do...

  3. Because we also have it, but we prefer to serve rather than be served :P

  4. I hope you will answer your question with a nice long description of why, Leeanne. I'd love to read it.
    Like Stephanie, the men I suck tell me that. I attribute it to desire and raw lust. Images and memories of my hot wife wearing her shoulder lenth black satin gloves and giving other men orgasms, lots of them. She had easily femdomed me even before we were married. She was the erotic queen in a sailor's dream.
    I met her at my little house in Oregon when she came with my friend Katy. Both of them were going to go to college in town and were staying with me until the found a place to rent with each other. Lola grew up in a little cowtown in the east. We had sex the night that they arrived. She was the most sexually provocative sweet angel I have ever met. Lola was better than my wet dream fantasies. I could not conceive of her without having met her. And now I have.
    She did things to me in my bed that night that I had only read about in 'Dear Penthouse'. When she pulled her panties off in front of me, she held them up over my nose and mouth while she fondled my growing boner. She had not taken off her stockings or garterbelt and as it turns out, she never did that night. I'll never forget the way her eyes pierced mine, daring me to confess my most embarrassing sexual fantasies to her.
    "Put these on, baby. I will fondle you through these panties and tease your deepest held fantasies from your lips."
    My hips hunched forward and I moaned when she said these things to me, holding my face with her look. I knew I was never going to tell her of my naughtiest masturbation dreams, I could never, not a girl. I felt safe about that. I had to tell her about doing girls in high heels and lingerie, getting blowjobs, wet red lipstick, those things that I absolutly get hot about, just not about my femdoming, cuckolding hotwife second life. I was not even sorta experienced enough to defend myself from Lola's wiles. Sitting next to me on my couch she stretched over my lap to retrieve her bag. Smiling up at me, her breasts resting on my bulge, she takes out a pair of the most erotic satin gloves in the world. I watched like in slow motion while she pulled each one up her slender arms until she had smoothed them up tightly. Now she reached in again and took out her compact and a tube of blowjob red lipstick. Holding the mirror in her satin fingers and seductivly painting her lips with this wet red lipstick, I looked for where she had put down her panties. I found them on my lap, my pants unzipped, my boner growing inside of her lingerie.
    So luxuriously creamy and sexy already, she reached for her panties and started jacking me off with her tight black palms and curved fingers. I begged her to not make me cum too soon, which was now if she stroked my cock one more time. She was going to give me the angel's kiss of cuming too soon. Our very first night we knew each other and she was going to make me erupt in a gush of premature ejaculation onto her gloves and stockings by telling me how she gave other men fountains of joy with her hands.
    Somehow, before midnight, she listened to me out myself as a bi-sexual, cross dressing cuckold. That I adored French kissing pussy lips, boners and tight boy holes, preferably all at the same time. I lay with my head spinning, my body floating, wishing I could adore her pussy, giving her cunilingus climaxes over and over.

  5. Ladies,

    Subbie guys can be good cock suckers too! I have sucked a lot of special ladies cocks and I've never had one complaint. Most, say "Ahhhh!", as they empty themselves in my mouth. To me I am so satisfied whe a sexy lady has her cock in my mouth, and she is moaning, as her cum is spurting. I live to make these ladies happy!

    So keep in mind, it's not just sissies who are good cock suckers; us subbies do a damn good job too. Any of you sissies want to test my theory? My mouth would be open and willing for you to slide your clits in.


  6. Since I was a boy, this woman is all I ever wanted to be.

  7. Wow! this stuff is probably quite true ,As most women wont or don't want to even try this sort of stuff on any men,but not cders,tg ts,girls that's what we live,give for in life.dee