Saturday, February 9, 2013


Emily is meeting a girlfriend for drinks tonight, at a place she's likely to flirt, though nothing more. She said if she gets worked up enough, I may spend considerable time between her legs when she gets home. And if I'm good, if, she'll give me a special reward.


  1. Ohhhh, mmmnmh. This takes me to such an intimate place when my ex dressed me for her bedroom dates with other men. Wearing her own cock slut outfits, she jacked me off, milking me dry just as her lover arrives. Sometimes waiting for him before giving me a premature ejaculation onto her cock stroking gloves and onto my garterbelt and panties.
    "Welcome gorgeous" she said to Andy at the door, greeting him with a deep French kiss in the open door.
    I was kneeling over the ottoman where she left me to go bring her bedroom date in to watch her finish me off. Her life like vibrating dildo was still in my bottom with my panties pulled to one side. My small, but swollen cock lay pointing down through the same panty leg hole that she had been butt fucking me through. I was beyond helpless, femdomed by my impending gushing premature ejaculation just before she spends the night in our bed with him.
    I floated on a cloud of sinsuous delight, both in her putting on her slutty glovejob shoulder length black leather gloves, then making me gush too fast when her bigger, younger boy arrived. Imagine how embarrassing to be bottom up over a cushioned stool wearing lingerie, high heels and blowjob red lipstick while she kissed him eagerly in our door. Her dildo still buzzing in my panty hole, I'm seconds away from cuming, watching her gloves reach into his pants while they kiss. Her slippery palms stroked his boner, the begining of his many orgasm she was going to give him tonight.
    She brought him to the couch near where I was bent over penetrated and vibrated to the point of no return.
    "Baby, this is Andy, the man I have been telling you about fucking me. I'll show you how much bigger he is than you as I finish you off now. I want to have sex with just him tonight, so you pull your outfit together and stay down here when I take Andy upstairs to milk him dry in our bed."
    Even as she spoke these words my fountain of cum gushed out and onto the tops of my stockings. Ohhhh, how can you say the way she made me feel, erupting onto my lingerie, my lust courage lost in this eruption, still wearing my bra and red satin gloves, watching her turn from me to surrender herself now to his sexual pleasures. Each time she has sex with aother man I felt a transcendent, decadent, Tantric sexual event that lasted for months
    It would begin when she was provoked sexually by someone. Maybe a guy in her office, or at the clubs where she went to jack off handsome men under the table. She would start femdoming me, putting on my make-up, buying me a garterbelt or slutty high heels. She always put on her sweetest glovejob pair, the longest ones. She wears these when she is going to jack me off and tell me in slow stroking detail how she is going to make him cum for each of his many climaxes. I ask her about her other man, like when is she is going to have sex with him?, has she already been to bed with him and not told me?, where should I be when you put on your wet red lipstick and give him a long slurpy blowjob?
    I was so turned on by foreplay like this when she fondled me and talked about bedroom dates with bigger guys. Now she has come onto the man she wants, short skirt so he can see the tops of her stockings, red kissable lips. She told me later that she stepped up close to him so she could put her hand down over his zipper. Looking into his face to see how he liked it when she rubbed his growing boner.
    "I want you to come over to my house this weekend so I can get your pants out of the way. Want to have sex with me?"
    He said he knew she was married and worried about the fallout from that, so she assured him.
    "My cuckold husband has bought me the slinkiest satin micro-mini dress for our date. He wants you to get very, very lucky when you are with me."

    Went long. This back part may be truncated. Hope not.


  2. That's a great comment! I loved reading all of it.

    Of course the photo from Sara was wonderful too.