Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You may be her boss, according to the organization chart, but once she realized you were a sissy, your authority over her evaporated


  1. :-) thats ok once the evaporation takes place coz in the back of my mind i kno that this process is just a part of my plan to achieve the overall desire to be dominated and humiliated .

    I like that she feels in control and is brave enough to go have some further sexual adventures - bring home her stories to share with me and when im really lucky - a pussy full of man juice .

    To date so far our adventures have progressed to the point that sometimes when she arrives home we begin having sex and i tell her that her quim feels to be very open - hmm nice i think to myself that another man has been in there and fucked you nice n loose .

    So far its more of the unspoken word but the silent knowing from us both - all manner of sexy things have been talked about with our love making fantasy sessions - she who is to be woreshiped fucks my butt with an array of vibrators n dildos ...

    we have one , that is a double ender - a large black dildo we named black Charlie , OMG when she first slid him into me i thought id go through the window - fuck that bastard is huge ! She tells me to just relax and take it up the arse like the filthy lil slut that i am !

    Oh fuck that talk turns me on n i get real hungry for some man cock then ...

    Ooops i hear her car tyres on the gravel driveway , i best get these dirty dishes out of the way before she walks in the back door ... talk again soon :-)

  2. Those shoes are really HOTTT!!! I love shoes that show, arch cleavage. Also shoes that show toe cleavage are HOTTT! I don't care if they have heels or the are flats, if they show toe and arch cleavage, I want to be on my knees licking those little openings!