Monday, March 4, 2013


Someone asked how I feel about Emily going to visit Evan. Jealous, nervous, a little scared, somewhat hesitant. Yet I think about it every night when I fall asleep in her arms. I think about her with him, feeling him, remembering past times, old feelings. I think about her seducing him, on top of him, feeling his body against hers. And every time she asks me if I'm sure, I tell her yes, yes, yes. Yes to everything, she asked. Yes, yes, yes.

I know there's a difference, what she feels for me, love, friendship, deep, companionship, solid. Thing she doesn't feel for him, things that are mine, mine alone.

The weekend is something I want to give her, but something she wants to give me, too.

So what do I feel? A mixture of apprehension and desire. I could say no. And I don't want to.

UPDATE: Someone asked in the comments if I'd be locked up when she's gone. Um, yes, most definitely, yes.

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  1. Guess She’s keeping you locked up all the time until She’s back from Her adventure with Evan, in order to boost your arousal?