Sunday, March 24, 2013


He touched her. He had her. He was inside her. My wife guided a man's cock into her. Eagerly. Happily. With my full blessings. A man, Evan, was inside my wife. He fucked her, there is no longer any uncertainty, his cum was inside her, in my wife. It's what she wanted, it's what I wanted.

I am a sissy, I am a cuckold. And how do I feel?








I am a sissy. I am a cuckold. I know every time I am with her, every time I touch her, every time I lick her, I'll remember that, I'll think of that. Every time. The thought that should tear me apart has the opposite effect, I can't wait to see her, to kiss her, to surrender to her.


  1. Sissy cuckolds do indeed enjoy a wide range of emotions; an emotional roller coaster. But for many, the ride is worth it.

    sissy terri

  2. Dear Sara,

    You describe it so well. That is precisely how I felt the first time. It is unexplainable and yet nearly everything describes it. I am so happy for you. To be a sissy is one thing. To have your wife cuckold you with a man is an entirely different thing. There is one more step, however. Fluffing. Helping. Watching. It gets me tingly just thinking of it.



  3. As Terri said, it's an emotional time, Sara. I know that early on I was jealous but happy for my wife that she had a real man who could last more than one or two minutes. It's both humiliating and exciting. Over time I've grown to where I almost depend on her being with a man and am disappointed when she has to go any length of time without seeing one of her lovers. As Leanne pointed out, you still have watching, helping and best of all, fluffing to look forward to.