Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get licking, sissies, there is no better way to spend Sunday morning than cleaning up from Saturday night.

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  1. Sara,

    Your posts seem to always pull on the strings of my heart! Here is another example of what you do to me, look at this photo through my eyes for a second.

    Here's what I see:

    Long, shapely, legs wrapped in expensive nylons.
    Feet that are warm, moist, and sweating, in sexy stilleto pumps.
    A perfectly shaped, nice, round, ass that is begging to be kissed.
    And a neatly trimmed pussy that needs to be licked by MY tongue.

    All of this gets me so excited, I don't care how many loads she's taken, whether they are loads in her pussy, asshole, or all over her feet, I will beg for the rights to clean them up for her.

    One last comment if this was YOU in the photo, I'd beg even harder to be allowed to lick the loads of you nice hard cock.

    Do you think Emily would enjoy watching a subbie, servicing her sissy? It would be so much fun to entertain both of you as the lowest person in the room.