Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Night

"You're getting to bed early."

"I'm tired, I knew I would be. Evan just tucked me in. He's so...insistant."

"On tucking you in?"

"And getting me off to bed, he could see I was tired. I apologized, but he wouldn't hear it."

"Was he disappointed?"

"You sound like you are...I told you...nothing would happen tonight."

"But he didn't know."

"I told him I'd make it up to him tomorrow, you know that little grin I have."

"Yea, very well."

"He asked if you were okay with me coming down here."

"What'd you say?"

"That you were. He asked if I was sure, that he didn't want things weird."


"I asked him if he liked what I wore to bed. He said, yes, it was very pretty. I said wait till you see what I'm wearing tomorrow. He asked me again if you were okay with me down here. I told him, I said, 'Evan, he helped me pack.'"

"He doesn't get it."

"That's what he said. I told him he didn't have to get it.'s the cage?"

"Tight. You know I love you, Em."

"Me too, love, me too. K, I'm going to sleep, I'll text or call sometime tomorrow, I'm sleeping in."


"And the chore list, I want that done in the morning, just like usual, just like I was there."

"Don't worry," I said, eyeing the uniform I'd already set out to wear when I cleaned.


  1. Oh Sara! What an exquisitely painful and amazing weekend you and Emily are spending apart!



  2. It would be nice to find someone, for whom one will want to obey/ good for them