Saturday, March 23, 2013

I had a naughty thought, sometime later tonight I can get Emily's dildo out and imagine I was in her place


  1. Sara,

    Make sure to ask Emily if that is OK! I think she wants you to be happy, with her being away, with you being a cuckold sissy. So maybe she will let you suck her fake cock and dream about you being with them. I know you want to be on your knees servicing Evan for her.

    Tell her that, let her know, tell her the hwole time you have that big piece of rubber in your mouth you will think of her and Evan. Maybe.....then she'll let you play.

    Just don't touch yourself, you have to save that for when she comes home and tells you how good she got fucked!

    Right now it's 3:25 p.m., do you think she (or he) has had the first orgasim? Do you think she's been on her knees with Evan fucking her from behind? Do you think she's had her legs over his shoulders making sure to get the full length of him in her?

    I know you're thinking of ALL of those things!