Thursday, March 14, 2013

I should write a short story based on this picture.

It would be dirty, intense, harsh, and sexual, not like my other stuff.

It would be like the story I'm working on now, but with less love and devotion. Wonder if it would sell?


  1. Well, I like dirty, intense, harsh, and sexual, but without love and devotion it's just brutality; which doesn't float my boat, so to speak.

  2. Yes, Yes 1,000 times Yes! I'd buy it today if I could. I love "....dirty, intense, harsh, and sexual...." especially if it involves a lovley lady, who happens to have a cock in her panties.


    FYI: I just read the part of "The Sissy Pilot" where they brought home the dildo, EXCELLENT!!!

  3. the male rapist turn female are waiting to be sold as sex slave so the government can make money to get out of debt