Thursday, March 21, 2013


Emily thought through some of the stuff she’s packing for this weekend, the best part, the part I got to help with, was picking some of her lingerie. Well, best, because my little clit was tight in my cage the whole time I shopped online wit her, but stomach turning, too (my god, picking stuff to wear for Evan, to turn Evan on, even to fuck him!

Friday Night
Theme: Cute, but innocent.
Reason: Emily said, “I’m working Friday, flying out after dinner, so getting down there late evening. I don’t want to turn him on too much, we’ll probably just relax, catch up, nothing more. So pick something pretty, but not sexual.”
Why: These seemed to fit the bill of adorably cute, adorably sexy, but without an overt "I want to fuck" vibe.

Saturday Night
Theme: Sexy
Reason: If it’s happening, it’s happening on Saturday night. I want something that makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that I’m available and I want him.
Why: If it's going to happen, if she wants it to happen, he will have NO DOUBT when she walks out of the bathroom dressed like this. None.

Sunday Morning
Theme: Reading the Paper, laughing, morning fun.
Reason: "You know how sometimes I just like to relax, right? Well, I want something cute to relax in just to see what happens.
Why: Romantic. Innocent. Sexy. Something I'd like to wear on a Sunday morning for the man that fucked me the night before and might want to again.

Just so you all understand, we're both a mixture of excited and nervous and I swear we've made out for like two hours every night this week talking about it before we go to sleep.

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  1. Dear Sara,

    As you might expect, you are taking your readers along for a ride as we anticipate the coming weekend trip by Emily to stay with Evan. I love your selections. Perfect for each of the stated circumstances. If it happens (and I so hope that it does) you will (I hope) take some pleasure and pride in knowing you contributed to your own cucking by outfitting Emily so wonderfully. My best to you both.

    Kiss kiss,