Friday, March 15, 2013

The Chastity Solution

Couples often argue about how often to have sex and a woman really only has three ways to deal with it:

1. Have sex whenever he wants. This works for some people; you'd be surprised, if a woman commits to this, she'll find her husband actually asks for less sex. The trouble is, she has to commit to having sex when he wants, regardless of whether she's in the mood.

2. Do nothing, that is, just argue and hold firm, only have sex when the woman's in the mood. You'll find you have the same amount of sex as above, though only when the woman's in the mood, but you'll have many fights.

3. Eliminate the problem-NO MORE SEX. Now, you'll still have sex, the difference is, it won't be sex like he wants, it will be sex like you want. And because you'll never again worry about his penis inside you, it will be sex the way a woman likes it.