Friday, March 1, 2013

Three weeks until Emily goes to visit Evan


  1. I would like to read more about your Feelings and Fantasies on this "date"!

  2. After she satisfies with Evan her animalistic need to rut, she will be eager to return home to your wifely solicitude and tenderness.

  3. Sara,

    Are you sad that Emily is going? Not because she will be with her lover Evan, but because YOU won't? Aren't you going to miss sucking his cock to prepare him to fuck her? Or licking her clit while he IS fucking her? And of course cleaning them up once they're done?

    I'm sure it bother's you that you can't be there to aid Emily in her sexual conquest. You poor baby. Maybe while she's gone, Emily will call you and tell you to jerk off. Then she'll have you close your eyes and lick you cum off your fingers and fantasize that it's Evans.

    That will have to hold you over until she gets home!


    PS: Maybe she'll leave you some soiled panties, worn stockings and old shoes to play with? Just like a little puppy!

  4. is she going to leave a key behind with someone? it would seem prudent with her being so far away for so long. for emergencies and what not.

    who might be the keyholder? hmmm?