Sunday, March 24, 2013


That's when she comes home. Not today, not tomorrow, Tuesday.

I know I'm totally fantasizing now, but I hope they do this Tuesday before she leaves (and today and tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, too.)


To answer M's question...yes, fuck yes!


  1. You want to taste him on her don't you?

  2. Since you can't be there, perhaps Emily will bring you home a momento of the occasion. Maybe she will wipe herself and bring you her cum soaked panties, or maybe a used condom. Something that will give you no doubt about the deed, no illusion of her purity. A momento that will mark the beginning of your new position in her life :)

  3. Oh wow Sara! I had no idea! Two more days and nights? And Tuesday morning too! Fuck! Now that's she's done it - and told you - we all know what they are doing now. He's probably not even watching basketball today. He's probably fucking her all day. Why wouldn't he? He's obviously wanted to for the longest time. And only out of respect for Emily and her relationship with you has he resisted. But now. Now...there is no reason to hold back. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Sara! And you all locked up! Are you thinking of calling your sister-in-law? Would Emily have told her? Are they close? Oh! My! God! Saragirl! Such a lucky sissy cuck!



  4. Why wait until Tuesday? A few quick cell pics could show Sara what she's missing!