Monday, March 25, 2013


Sunday (late) afternoon text:

"Love you!!! Miss you!!! Can't talk now, we're at the beach (he loves the bikini), call you tonight sometime. Seriously, love you!!!!"

We talked, briefly, Sunday evening. She asked me again if I was okay and I assured her I was. "Better than okay," she asked.

"What do you mean."

"Okay is like, okay, fine, it happened. Better than that?"

"Yes," I told her softly. "Seriously, I...I wish I was unlocked."

"Seriously, I'm glad you're not!"

"You're a tease."

"And that's why you love it so much."

"I'm more than okay, Emily, I'll admit I'm torn, but that's part of it."

"I know."

"Does he..."

"Yes," she anticipated my question."

"How'd you explain that?"

"That you love me and that we're both fulfilling our own fantasies."


"He doesn't understand your fantasies, but I don't think he spends too much time thinking about it, he's distracted by other things."

"I bet."


"Can I ask you something?"

"Yea, but quick, he's making us drinks and dessert."

"I thought you'd be dessert." I couldn't resist.

"I'm dessert to the dessert. Seriously, I have to go in a sec."

"Does he," I paused, "does he have feelings..."

"No," she said right away. "No. I wouldn't be here if he did. Am I saying he's not attracted? Of course he is, physically, but no emotionally, no. He never did."

"I had to ask."

"It's okay, I understand."

"Are you going to..."

"Yes," she said softly.

"I can't wait till you get home."

"I bet, sweetie, I bet. Okay, I have to go."

"Love you."

"Love you, too."


  1. Wow! This has to be one of the most exciting things I've watched unfold in a blog in some time. As some who may read my comments on Sara's blog may know, I've confessed my infatuation with Sara a few times. It is really more of a sense of affinity that I feel with her, as we are each sissies in loving relationships with our wives. I totally relate! This thing Sara and Emily have done together is so awesome, and I am just so excited and enthralled by it. I am grateful that Sara has chosen to share it with us. So much about her amazing relationship with Emily is going to change, for the better (if that is possible - and I believe it is), as a result of this weekend. I cannot wait to hear the details. Thanks for sharing Sara!

    Kiss kiss,


  2. My only surprise is she is not teasing you more at this point ... tantalizing you with what's happening and trying to share the experience. I guess that's for when she gets home. The best part of cuckolding is when it is a shared experience and the wife makes sure hubby feels a part of the event (at least when he is not actually there for it hehe). I hope Emily really makes her homecoming and relating of her activities satisfying to you both.