Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonder what the other rules are?


  1. Sara,

    I know the model, but can't think of her name. I've seen her take some serious cock up her butt and she handles it like a pro. I also think she is a bottom, if memory serves me.

    I wish she were a top, because I'd love to be her subbie!


    1. Given this sissy's tiny little clit, it would be difficult for her to be an effective "top," so she seems destined to be the receiver.

    2. It's Kimber James.

  2. Lovely picture, Sara. Thanks, again.
    My favourite trannys are younger than me and I love that
    Me 1984
    Kimber James (bottom-top) 1988
    Sarina Valentina (bottom) 1986
    Mia Isabella (top) 1985

  3. Taht's right Kimber James!!! And I do remember she is a total bottom! She does have the cutest little cock, it's what I think is the ideal size for sucking. It fits perfectly in your mouth, you won't gag on it, and if you do it right she will reward you with a big flood of love!

    Thank you Anonymous & Kaely, for remidning me who she is!


  4. Like omg Sara, I like totally luv this. To have her breasts, that make-up, here lately I can't stop thinking about permanent make-up either. No fuss, no mess, very little getting ready and those DD's:)

    Can't forget those gorgeous Pinks:)+