Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't worry, she knows exactly how to deal with compulsive masturbators like you, sissy.

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  1. Why is that a dominate woman in her 30s or 40s make my knees melt and my cock get small and soft. I may never experience that again, now well into my 60s, even though I want that agian more than anything.

    I was married for 23 years to a hot wife who cheated on me when we were dating, then another time and a different man when we were engaged. We both already knew I was a sissy by how I behaved when she had sex with a classmate a few weeks after we started dating. When she came home from the dance I knew she had left with a man after necking on the dance floor. A friend of mine described what she was wearing and how she was seducing this guy in public. Alice said she had watched my gf touch this guy under the table with her satin gloves and kiss him on the lips above. She described what a big hit Lola was at this dance, trying other men this way too until she found the package she wanted.

    I knew that I wanted her more than ever and took a gamble. I took from hiding, my garterbelt and stockings for when she came home. It was already a given that she did not think of me as manly. My only option to be with her, to drink in her femdoming me forever, was to wear bras and stockings. Help her have more bedroom dates with bigger men. It was not until 3:30 in the morning when she came back home.

    She did not look surprised to see my feminine clothing. I was jacking off so slowly, making myself last, even under great pleasure, waiting to talk to her when she came home from her bedroom date. "You look extra happy to see me, Scottie. Did some gossip tell you I was fondling a man's boner through his pants at the dance?

    "y-es, precious, yes." my soft answer timidly in the air between us. "Did.. did he give you orgasms... a-and did you make him cum too?"

    "oh sweet gods of eros, yes to both questions,
    Mary. Oh yes we did." she looked back into my eyes unembarrassed, no remorse, just a look of sexual satisfaction on her lipstick smeared mouth.

    "I guess I did audition a few boys tonight and gave Andy a callback for five or six hours in his apartment. I can see by the small tent in your red satin panties that you do not seem to mind. Were you bored waiting for me to come back home, baby?

    I wriggled in anticipation of her detailed story of how she had put her slinky long gloves into his pants to fondle him with her slippery palms and curled fingers. "That is what Alice says. Is it true, Lola? Did you use my special gloves to jack him off?"

    "I did, baby. I touched him all over his zipper first, as i pulled my gloves from my purse and smoothed them up over my arms. I waited until I had put on these arousing satin things, then pushed both gloves into his pants. I kept jacking him so close to climax, but squeezed him off hard each time he almost gushed.

    length limit i'm sure.