Monday, April 29, 2013

Feminization Squad

You can run, you can hide, you can pretend to be a real man, but they'll find you in the end, sissy, and expose you for what you are.


  1. I hope they find me soon. I am a sissy wannabe. I have crossdressed since childhood (the memory of first trying on my mother's silk peignoir still makes me blush- aqua marine with an under layer of silk and big folds of sheer lace over top- god I would kill to wear it again). I fantasize daily about being all dolled up and on my kness. I am trying to take the next step. I have made a gurlfriend online. We had the most amazing chat last night, sexting the pretty things we were wearing and the dirty things we want to do to each other.
    I am reaching out to the sissy community to help me stop fantasizing and get a real cock in me. You and Leeanne are so inspirational, a kind word and encouragement would mean so much to me right now. Thank you for the fantastic blog.

  2. I saw a patrol out the other night.
    I did hide. haven't caught me yet.
    oops they're at the door.
    Have to run bye.