Friday, April 12, 2013

Hard day at the office? Let your sissy secretary take care of that for you.

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  1. This picture and positon is so powerful to me. My hotwife sexually dominated me and femdomed me to wear lipstick and lingerie to amuse her, (and almost every third or fourth other man she had sex with).

    She turned me on so exquisitly by stroking my cock with oil and describing the ways she was fucking bigger young men. Very detailed stories about how she met him and how she gave him orgasms with her lips and pussy. Stroking me just perfectly in rhythm with her visions of having enormous orgasms sitting down over his enormous boners.
    I could not last 60 seconds when she talked about having sex with other men. She wore her shoulder length black satin gloves when she jacked me off. She used them as a shortcut way of telling me she had a bedroom date with a man, and she wanted me to put on my favorite cock slut outfit to watch.
    This meant that she had seduced a man to have sex with me too. I was easy to femdom, so easy. I loved putting on panties and bras. The very first time she dressed me for pillowtalk, I was senseless in her power over my sexual desires.
    She forced me to know and buy into her affairs. Sometimes she will not tell me for a while and then uses her vibrator in me one night and tells me she has been fucking another man for months. She holds my eyes firmly and milks the look of despair on my face by jacking me off so slowly that I do not first cum for hours.
    This night Lola let me wear a silk blouse and stockings, my garterbelt and panties, to get under this new man's desk and suck him completely off. Trained by her not to cum until hours of sexual torture myself, I sucked his slippery shaft carefully. I could feel when he would get close and slow my lips and tongue down to hold him under his point of no return. This night I put my fingers up his bottom as I sucked and stroked his erections.
    When Lola was hot and wanted him back in her vagina, she first made me go ahead and give him a gushing, hot cum orgasm. Too quickly, she pushed me off his throbbing boner as soon as I had swallowed his cream and plunged her swollen pussy lips down over his still hard shaft.
    I never denied her men. She was utterly generous with me, femdoming me with satin things, jacking me off and having sex with other men. I was floating on a cloud.