Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm second from the left, you?

UPDATE: I love Mr. Fish!


  1. Oh boy! I love this new variation of "Which One Is The Sissy?" They all are! Since Sara chose second from left, I choose far left - with my hand on her sexy thigh.

  2. Hi Sara,

    I COMPLETELY agree with Leeanne...**giggle**...Can I snuggle in behind both of you? Yesterday, I finished 'Her New Husband' and enjoyed every word. I particularly enjoyed the focus on the mental process of sissy feminization as opposed to the dressing and body modification that are such common themes. I do wonder why you ended the story so soon...seems as if Jake might have been ready to take things to the next level with Michelle. Maybe you just wanted for us to have something to occupy our little sissy imaginations...**grin**. In any case, I've now completed my Saragirl fiction collection, and I'm REALLY, REALLY hoping that before long you will be sending something new our (your loyal fans') way.

    love, Wendy

  3. Can I be second from the right? :)

  4. There's no doubt who I am !
    I'm the one sitting in front of you girls; In my comfortably chesterfield club chair I'll be deciding with one of you will get lucky tonight... :-)

  5. First on the right!!!


  6. Sara, she would've been my first pick as well, otherwise first on left is who my sissy side would wish to be.