Monday, April 8, 2013

Reader alex cel thought I might like these pictures... with the thought of "a real

With the thought of "A real Man's load... in between those beautiful nylon covered legs..." Reader alex cel is 100% correct!


  1. My man loves to take me by surprise and leave me trapping cum in my panties as we go out! The feel of it, and the hoping it won't show, is sooooooo exciting. Usually before a night of dinner and dancing, but sometimes during the day before we go to the park.

  2. I find how I think here as of lately, to just the thought of it oozing out or if anyone were to see or possibly see, might be quite the erotic.

    Or to feel it squishing in my panties under a skirt

    I know I'm not thinking straight these days, as I know there are diseases to be caught possibly. But, I just can't help myself, as it grows more and more enticing everyday.

    I really believe once I have cock, I will want it more and more until the trigger words and overtake my thoughts.